Once your baby is born, we can provide a checkup to make sure the birthing process hasn’t caused any trauma to your newborn. Checking that their spine and nervous system are functioning properly from an early age is vital to their health. Any traumas can be addressed and corrected, allowing your baby to grow as their body undergoes changes.

Children and babies don’t need to be checked as often as adults. They may not need an adjustment every time, but we would be doing a disservice to our children if we didn’t give them the chance to get checked. We’ll make sure everything is going well and that they’re able to be active and healthy up through adulthood.

Kids today spend more time sitting than running around and playing. They’re staring at electronic devices with their neck flexed. They might not get the best nutrition, start sports at younger ages and receive more vaccines than in years past.

All of these factors cause physical, chemical, mental and emotional stress that affect the nervous system. Their exposure to stress is continuous, and their nervous systems aren’t fully developed until age six. We educate parents while giving your children regular checks so that you have the power to influence how your child is growing. You’ll learn about the structure and function of the human body and have the ability to profoundly impact the health of your entire family.